LATEST NEWS as of 9th March 2021: Covid-19 and bookings

We will be open from the 12th April 2021

Please note –  from the 12th April until 17th May 2021, the facilities are now allowed to be used, but for us to open the showers you will need to book a time to use them, so that we can clean them after each person/family. The shop will remain open, for limited hours every day for your very basic needs 

Please respect the following Government rules whilst onsite

From the 12nd April until the 17th May – venues must only be attended/used in line with the wider social contact limits – as a single household or bubble indoors; or in a group of six people or two households outdoors (unless an exemption exists).

From the 17th May onwards – venues must only be attended/used in line with the wider social contact limits – in a group of six people or two households indoors; or in a group of no more than 30 people outdoors (unless an exemption exists).

Failure to comply with the law, will mean we will ask you to leave the site.

More information can be found here

Thank you for your understanding hope to see you all soon…

As usual we would like you to enjoy your stay with us in, beautiful Branscombe, maybe we can all watch the odd plane take off and land and enjoy a local takeaway, in the fresh air, from Sidmouth or Seaton delivered to reception.

In order to protect you and us, allow us to open safely and to help stop the spread of the virus please read the following


  • We recommend that you bring your own personal sanitiser, gloves, anti-bac spray and masks
  • Reception will be open using a one in and one out, the card machine will be cleaned after every use, and we have a sneeze screen to protect us and of course you
  • Can we ask you please to pay any balance online or over the phone 14 days prior to stay
  • Our little shop will be open selling the basics, bread, milk, sausages, bacon and of course ice cream and chocolate. Again, this will be a one in one out system
  • The games room, (From the 17th May) be open for use as well as charging devices in the charging bank or using the toilets. Again, this will be a one in one out system
  • The play park will be open, but until the 17th May, no more than 6 children or 2 households at any one time, all children must be accompanied by a adult at all times  (but if like last year the rules get abused, to protect ourselves and our customers, we will close it)
  • The doggie paddock will still be in use
  • The utility room will be open  for you to wash up, use the washing machine, tumble dryer, fridge and wash up, but again it will be a one in one out system
  • Outside sinks, will be in use, this will be a queue with social distancing in place
  • We suggest if you have on-board facilities you use them instead of the communal ones, freeing them up for others and keeping the risk down
  • If you are camping in a tent, it may be wise to purchase a camping shower and toilet for your personal use and safety
  • Toilets and showers, they will be open, but until the 17th May you will have to book a slot to use the showers, there will be a queue system one in one out, keeping 2 meters apart
  • The chemical waste disposal point (CDP) will be open, with a one in one out queue system in place

Finally, to help keep us all safe and keep within government guidelines we are asking the following from you.

  • Very important, if you or any of your family are showing any signs of COVID-19 please do not come to the site
  • If you become ill whilst on site, please let us know immediately
  • Keep to the social distancing guidelines at all times
  • Wash your hand frequently
  • Cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing
  • Please do not walk through other people’s pitches
  • Parents of young children, please accompany them at all times, primarily if they use the facilities so that you can clean them up after your child has used them use
  • If you want to use the local public transport, you will need a mask
  • When visiting the local towns and coastal villages stick to the, up to date government advice
  • Coupons non-transferable to a another party , coupons non-refundable after 14 days of issue
  • We are only allowing you to have visitors from outside on request.


We will be disinfecting high traffic areas and surfaces throughout the day as well as deep cleaning of the showers and toilets, this will mean at certain times of the day we will have to close them for this to happen. Please bear with us we will be trying our best to make sure stay as safe and enjoyable as possible in this unprecedented time.

We are really looking forward to seeing you all.  

Chris, Tracey and Lauren